We give thanks to God...

... for our time in the Adirondacks.  A few of us live here year round.  Most of us have to be content with a few weeks or months in the North Country.    We gather together Sundays at 10am to thank God for being here and for the love of Christ poured into our hearts.  That love which enables us to make the world a better place through our many individual ministries in the workplace, family, and community.  We support each other in those ministries and welcome visitors from around the world.  We are a part of the Episcopal Church, in which people of all genders, colors, and sexual orientations are included and share in leadership roles.  


God is LOVE.  And we are called to live our lives in LOVE for self, neighbor, and world. Living that way is difficult at times.  So we need forgiveness for our failures and encouragement to persevere.  We find these things in worship and fellowship.  

We come from various church backgrounds (Anglo-Catholic, Protestant, urban, rural) or no church background at all.  So we make our worship easy to follow and participate in. We value our diversity (male / female, gay / straight, Republican / Democratic, liberal /  conservative), viewing ourselves as sisters and brothers in Christ and co-workers in implementing God's reign on earth.


Every Sunday in the Summer at 10am we gather together to sing hymns, which we do enthusiastically under the direction of Ms Jane Claus at the organ.  We listen to Scripture and lively preaching that takes into account both timeless truths and modern science.  We pray for the needs of ourselves and others.  And we share  a sacred meal, Holy Communion. 

We give  for the needs of our neighbors. At least 50% of the plate offering goes fund needs in the North Country.

After the service proper we learn more about each other through conversation over coffee, tea, and delicious treats in the Parish Hall.


All Souls is served by a Chapel Committee of elected members who, under the leadership of our Senior Warden, Mr. Mason Snyder, see to the maintenance of the building and the management of our finances.


Our Vicar, the Rev. Glen Michaels, leads us in worship every other Sunday and assists our diverse array of visiting priests.


Volunteers are involved in every aspect of Sunday worship: preparing the altar, proclaiming the Scriptures, leading the prayers, arranging flowers, and hosting coffee hour.  You need not do any of these things but are always invited to do so.