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Sunday, September 13  

Preparation.  If you have not participated in on one of our Zoom-based services before, please click here to prepare.  The preparation page will help you to ready your computer and the area of your home around it.


Readings.  If you have an opportunity, we recommend that you take a few minutes prior to Sunday to review the Scripture readings for this upcoming Sunday.   You will find them by clicking here.  

Order of Service and Hymns will be posted by 9pm on the Friday before the service.   Click here to see them and to print them out ahead of time.

At a few minutes before 10am Sunday, join the Zoom meeting clicking on this link or by pasting it into another window of your web browser:

If you have difficulty entering the service, call or text Jocelyne at 518.813.3684 or Glen at 518.569.5709.

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