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Worship Format

... is Holy Communion, Rite II, using the Book of Common Prayer in a service which includes traditional hymns (sung enthusiastically), lively preaching, and heartfelt prayers.  To see the Scriprture readings & hymns for this Sunday, click here.  The service is followed with a coffee hour in the parish hall.   

COVID SAFETY.  The size of the Chapel does NOT permit social distancing. Masks are optional for those who are fully  COVID-vaccinated. We will be singing. Therefore, our services are likely UNSAFE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN COVID-VACCINATED.   If you are not vacinated and choose to attend, please wear a mask at all times.  If you desire a pastoral visit and / or Holy Communion at home or have any questions, please call Vicar Glen Michaels at 518.569.5709. 


 Our Sunday services are led by our "vicar," The Rev. Glen Michaels and by guest clergy from Episcopal Dioceses around the Northeast and occasionally from other Christian denominations. The preacher, reader, and worship assistant (LEM) for each Sunday service may be found in the table below.  


Window in the Sacristy of All Souls Chapel

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